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Total Antivirus Defender v. 2.3.7 is ready for download!

We introduce the new release 2.3.7 of Total Antivirus Defender for Android!

This will be the direct link to the FREE version: Google Play.

And this will be the direct link to the PRO: Google Play.


This new version of Total Antivirus Defender will include some mainly improvements to the scanning engine and to the Real Time agent.

We also worked to localization. More precisely, we improved existing supported languages and included Hindi and Punjabi translation.

Please, note that some old devices don’t correctly support Punjabi, because they have not Punjabi fonts installed (official support for Punjabi was included on Android only on the most recent versions).

So, we marked Punjabi language as “experimental“. However, if you have an old version of Android that supports the Punjabi fonts, you can correctly use this language.

We also corrected some minor bugs and done many minor improvements to the app.


Do you want the updated version 2.3.7 of Total Antivirus Defender?

Get it now, on Google Play!