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Total Antivirus Defender for Android v. 2.4.0 is coming soon…

We are proud and happy to announce that Total Antivirus Defender v. 2.4.0 is ready to be released!

The new version 2.4.0 includes many improvements and a new BIG feature: Call Block!

What is this? Well, starting from v. 2.4.0, Total Antivirus Defender will be able to reject unwanted calls from advertising numbers or harassing and annoying people.

You will be able to keep away stalkers, commercial callers, blocking their numbers in a simple way. You will be able to include them into a blacklist and be calmer, finally. You will be able also to block entire area codes or more similar numbers (for example, numbers that belong to the same advertising firm).

“Call Block”‘s feature has been hardly tested for two months. Now, we think it’s time to release it together with the stable version of Total Antivirus Defender.

Note that Call Block blocks phone calls, not SMS, because they are generally not considered as being harassing. Furthermore, many users love to receive SMS for notifications about missed and/or refused calls.

Total Antivirus Defender v. 2.4.0 will be available soon on Google Play at the following link:


As previous versions, Total Antivirus Defender v. 2.4.0 includes support for many languages, and our translators constantly improve localization. It includes an improved scanning engine, and new malware signatures (for detection).

With this new version, we completed also a complex process for bugfix. Total Antivirus Defender is more stable also on new versions of Android (special thanks to Lara Aldest, Kapindra Praven, Maurício Fonténe, Ramona Nestor).

However, if you encounter any problems about stability of the app and/or want to send crash reports or other material, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at the following link.


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