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Toast Overlay attacks on Android and new malware ToastAmigo on Google Play

The first practical example of a Toast Overlay attack has been discovered in the last few days. This has demonstrated thatsmartphones or tablets equipped with Android are actually subject to this vulnerability.

We are talking about ToastAmigo, the first toast based malware, which tries to abuse the user’s good faith to install malicious code capable of starting extremely invasive advertising on the device of the victim.

ToastAmigo also appeared on Google Play (the official Google store) and now Google has decided to remove all those apps that try to exploit the services for accessibility of Android.

As soon as it is executed, the ToastAmigo code downloads and installs an additional app that shows extremely invasive advertising banners, allowing its creators to earn with advertising.

And Google?

The Mountain View giant has decided to remove from Google Play all the apps that take advantage of accessibility-related functions without providing any real utility to users, giving a 30-day term to developers, to correct any problems.

But what happened brings us to mind a discussion that is often suggested by our most attentive users: “Downloading applications from Google Play and trusted sources only, can expose the device to malware attacks?

Well, we are convinced that downloading apps from trusted sources is NOT the only definitive solution to the problem. We think that the user should always be careful about what he does with his device (especially when he downloads new apps, when he authorizes apps to use the gps location, phonebook, and so on…). But he should also protect his device with a specialized software that identifies the threats to which the device is exposed.

So, we always suggest users to install an app for security defense.

About Android, we suggest Total Antivirus Defender.

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