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The malware that damages the hardware: Loapi

Usually, malware carries out its activities by affecting the software part of a device.

This, using certain features and vulnerabilities of the operating system, or a specific application, compromising user privacy, stealing user names and passwords, and so on…

However, it can happen that malware also damages the hardware part of a device. This is what happens when a device has infected by malware like the Loapi trojan.

Loapi is a malware developed for the Android platform. Its main purpose is the mining of crypto-money. Moreover, it can turn the device as a bridgehead for DDos attacks, it can display invasive advertising, it can perform cellular marketing through SMS management (and waste user’s money), it can subscribe the user to unsolicited payment services, and so on…

It spreads through infected apps, like many other malware for Android and, more, it repeatedly asks the user for administrator rights, until the user grants them.

At this point, after obtaining the rights of administrator, Loapi begins mining of Monero, and subjects the device (smartphone or tablet) to a heavy activity that can overheat the electronic components to the point of causing real damage to the hardware.

The big stress due to calculation can irreparably damage the electrical components, starting from the battery, and finishing to other elements (more important and difficult to replace, even out of warranty).

Furthermore, if later the user removes administrator privileges, then the malware blocks the device and prevents its use by the user, unless it is restored to factory data.

So, there is one more reason to equip your Android device with a software for security defense.


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