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The app for Android to develop a custom Ransomware without coding skills

Cyber criminals studies every days new solutions to attack any kind of devices and computers.

To do this they must usually improve their know how about programming languages and tecniques.

What if they don’t have coding skills? It’s not a problem, anymore!

In this case, they can use tools (usually named “development kit”), that make very simple the process of development of a virus, a trojan, or malware in general.

Now, it’s possible to create malware, more precisely Ransomware, using a simple app for Android. In fact, the DIY Ransomware Toolkit allows to create a ransomware pushing a few buttons, in a few minutes.

DIY ransomware toolkit

This app is being advertised on some forums in China, at the moment. And everyone can get it after paying a one-time fee to its developers. This toolkit can be very dangerous, because can bring the fight against malware to the next level! Any cyber criminal can create a ransomware for Android in a few minutes and spread it using the general known methods.

After launching the app, user get some simple instructions and some forms useful to decide all the customization options. Here he can establish the message to display on the infected devices, the icon, the type of animations, and the password to unlock the device. At the end of the generation process, user obtains an .APK infected file, that can use to launch infections.

At the moment, the DIY toolkit seems to generate only ransomware that belong to Lockdroid malware family, and that block files on Android devices, without encryption, but we think that variants of this toolkit can be launched very soon, not only in China, but also in all over the world.

So, we suggest to follow all the general rules and precautions to avoid infections and keep your Android device safe:

  • don’t download and install apps coming from untrusted sources;
  • don’t give full access to your apps and limit permissions just taking in mind the specific features and finality of the apps;
  • protect your Android device with an Antivirus and security solution.

About protection and security of your Android device, we suggest to install “Total Antivirus Defender for Android“, that can keep your smartphone or tablet safe automatically.

Total Antivirus Defender monitors your device for suspicious activity and alert you when detect a malware. All of this in a not invasive way, keeping your device fast for your normal use.

Here is the link for download, directly from Google Play: Link to Total Antivirus Defender.