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Special thanks for version 2.3.5 (coming soon…)

With this post, we want to thank every users that decided to contribute on development of Total Antivirus Defender for Android.

Contribution can be done in several ways:

  • – some of you contributed with complete co-operation with our development team;
  • – some others with suggestions about features, localization and translation;
  • – finally, others contributed with testing and alerts about bugs of previous versions.

Well, all of you contributed to improve Total Antivirus Defender, so we say:

Thank you, for your work!!!

For the 2.3.5 version, we want to say many thanks to Mr.Mik7, Deneb, Dr.Kevin, Rosario D., Frederic G., Dvorak78, Garlen, Marlen34, BiJoe, Dircap83, ArTiK, Consuelo, Orlando A., Nathan J., Oliver81, Jena A., F. Denise, L. Macobe, for suggestion and cooperation.

Special thanks also to every persons that for this version have contributed on improvement about the several localizations of the app:

  • – Amedée and Josette81 (for their work about French localization);
  • – Iojina and Xuange (for their work about Chinese localization);
  • – MarcoTrez (for his work about Italian localization);
  • – Simoavolte, Barkez58 and Pedrosa (for their work about Spanish localization);
  • – Lioneli and Tiobudiono (for their work about Indonesian localization);
  • – Freedomrun (for work about Portuguese localization);
  • – Isokolovskaya (for work about Russian localization);
  • – Jaxart (for work about Japanese localization).

We constantly work to improvements about localizations, so if you want, you can contribute for your language in a simple way, by alerting us about mistakes or not precise translations. If you want to alert us about mistakes or not precise localizations, then don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact form available at this link: https://www.totalantivirusdefender.com/#contact.

Also, if you want do download Total Antivirus Defender for Android, then click here!