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New version 2.3.5 is under development

New version 2.3.5 of Total Antivirus Defender for Android is under development and will be released soon, with many new features.

First: we improved our scanning engine (both for manual scanner and real time agent), to detect new malware elements. We want to give you the best protection for your Android, so we constantly work hard on improvements of our scanning engine.

We are also working to localization, improving some languages and adding support for new ones. At the moment, Total Antivirus Defender for Android supports well the following languages:

  • – English;
  • – Spanish;
  • – French;
  • – Italian;
  • – Chinese (simplified);
  • – Chinese (traditional);
  • – Portuguese;
  • – German;
  • – Russian;
  • – Indonesian.

Many of them reached a good level of maturity (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese). Others are under development and we are working hard on it. About this, if you want to partecipate proposing your translations or specific corrections, you’re welcome! Use the contact form available at the menu “Contact us“.

Finally, we corrected some minor bugs that affected previous versions.

Version 2.3.5 will be available soon on Google Play. So, stay tuned and see the specific page of Total Antivirus Defender at the following link: