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LokiBot: another ransomware for Android

Today we introduce a new ransomware that attacks Android devices.

Its name is LokiBot. LokiBot seeks to interfere with banking app activity, trying to display logon screens in order to steal access credentials.

It comes with advanced features and runs on Android devices (smartphones and tablets) starting version 4.0. It asks for administrator privileges and if the user grants them and then tries to revoke them, LokiBot activates its ransomware features.

Precisely, it blocks the device and asks for a ransom of $ 100 within 48 hours.

Although it seems that the encoding does not work perfectly (it uses an AES128 algorithm, but thanks to a programming error, a decrypted version of the files is used to replace the corresponding encrypted files, making recovery not impossible), this malware can create many problems to Android users.

So, our recommendation is to always the same: be careful and eliminate all those behaviors commonly considered dangerous.

In other words, be careful when downloading new apps, limit permissions to unknown apps, and so on…

Furthermore, consider to protect your device with a specialized software, that can grand you a reasonable security level.

About Android, our suggestion is Total Antivirus Defender.

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