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How the Hackers are exploiting the fear for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to attack your Android devices

Yes, you understand: Coronavirus used to exploit Android devices. These days, fear for Coronavirus is spreading fast in many countries, both in Europe and America.

What best opportunity to exploit the fear of COVID-19 for malicious purposes? This is what some hackers thinked!

In fact, some hackers are taking advantage of this fear to spread some very special (better: malicious) Android apps.

These applications appears as apps for tracking the number of infections due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). In these weeks, users are more easily encouraged to download this type of apps. The problem is that these apps hide a ransomware, that infects the Android device as soon as they are launched.

The credit of this discovery goes to the researchers of the DomainTools company. During a verification made regarding an increase about the registration of some domain names related to Coronavirus, they discovered a particular website that asked users to download and install a Android application for tracking of updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The discovered website was reachable on the domain named “coronavirus.site” and looked like this:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fake website - asked to download some Android app

The researchers found that the app is just an external box for a ransomware called CovidLock.

CovidLock changes the lock screen password and asks the user for a $ 100 ransom, to unlock the device.

Currently, the site looks different (the problem seems to be solved):

Coronavirus website as it appears today

However, it is better not to let your guard down, because certain groups of hackers are ready to use all the available resources, tools and vulnerabilities to infect your devices. This is just an example to confirm the first statement: Coronavirus used to exploit Android devices!

For this reason, in this moment of singular emergency, the team of Total Antivirus Defender suggests you the following recommendations:

  • Don’t install apps from unknown sources and try to download apps only from official stores;
  • Always keep your devices updated, downloading the firmware, the patches and all software provided by the respective manufacturers;
  • Use an antivirus security solution for your devices, that can warn you in case of infections, malware and threats to your Android.

About the last suggestion, we recommend you to equip your Android device with a software for security defense as Total Antivirus Defender.

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