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Happy new year 2018! And some considerations about 2017…

The new year is only a few hours away. For this reason, we wish you immediately a happy 2018, in the name of serenity and harmony.

We make some considerations about the year just ended. 2017 has been an interesting year, with many innovations in terms of technology, but also with many new cyber threats.

In summary, these are the general numbers about the different attacks detected during this year:

  • – 200,000,000 new exploits (with a growth of around 20%);
  • – over 800,000,000 trojans (with a growth of over 50%);
  • – 100,000,000 phishing attacks (up 10%).

During the first half of the year, most of the attacks were aimed at the spread of banner ads, while in the second half new threats aimed at the mining of virtual money (bitcoin, monero, etc.) were spread.

In 2017, around 30% of users have suffered at least one malware attack.

Furthermore, 2017 was the year of greater ransomware spread, which put many companies in serious difficulty.

For the Android operating system many new malware have been developed, able to exploit different channels and methods of infection.

What about the new year? Well, 2018 seems to confirm these trends.

In particular, the quality of attacks on mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) will increase in the new year. Furthermore, the number of firmware attacks will increase. The main victim will be the UEFI, the interface between software and firmware, which will allow the malware code to take precedence over antivirus products.

Attacks on network devices will also increase, due to the vulnerabilities discovered in the second half of the year.

In practice, 2018 will not be very different from 2017, in terms of security.

For this reason, we must keep the guard high, to avoid being victims of more or less harmful attacks, able to compromise our privacy or our data.

But, for the moment,

Happy new year!