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Fakeapp: Android malware that hates Uber!

From the study of an Android malware known as Fakeapp, there are new elements about new methodologies of attack that give rise to the real risk of compromising Uber user data.

In fact, it seems that the new malware Fakeapp uses a specific Uber link, which activates the feature of request a car in the current GPS position of the device (and, consequently, reveals the user’s location).

In order to hide and deceive the user, the malware appears as the Uber’s app and shows the current user position on the display.

Also, periodically, it shows a fake Uber interface where it asks the user to enter the Uber ID and password.

As soon as the user enters their login information, the malware sends the user’s personal information to a remote server, resulting in a violation of privacy and data security.

What about defense? Well, to avoid to get infected, we always suggest to follow some general rules about security:

  • – download apps from Google Play and trusted sources only;
  • – be always be careful about what you do with your device;
  • –¬†install an app for security defense, as Total Antivirus Defender.

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