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Downloading apps only from trusted sources can save my Android device against malware?

As reported in the last post on our website, some days ago, Google removed 20 infected apps from Google Play Store. Google has proven to be very efficient, eliminating infected apps from the store and blocking future installations.

Despite this, what happened brings us to mind a discussion that is often suggested by our most attentive users. More precisely, our users sometimes ask: “If I download applications only from Google Play or trusted sources, can consider myself safe? Can my device be infected with a malware?

We usually try to be very careful in giving absolute answers about this question. But we are convinced that downloading apps from trusted sources is NOT the only definitive solution to the problem, because:

  • developers are millions, some of them are serious, others a little less;
  • every day thousands of apps are published on the various stores (both Google Play and alternative stores) and it’s very difficult to check any of them against malware;
  • malware, virus, spyware, and so on, evolve with time, and they can become very dangerous;
  • developer can also ignore that he’s distributing an malicious app. This is true when the app uses an external infected component (for example an SDK) included by third party.

So, what’s the solution?

We think that the user should always be careful about what he does with his device (especially when he downloads new apps, when he authorizes apps to use the gps location, phonebook, etc.).

But he should also protect his device with a specialized software that identifies the threats to which the device is exposed.

So, we always suggest users to install an app for security defense.

About Android, we suggest Total Antivirus Defender.

Total Antivirus Defender is our 100% security solution, and it has been used by more than 800,000 users with satisfaction.

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