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Consider also PRO version

Total Antivirus Defender is available for FREE. But if you need more advanced scanning options, consider also PRO version.


What about PRO Version of Total Antivirus Defender?


You can upgrade to PRO Version to get more features and advanced security options.

More precisely, with Total Virus Defender PRO Version, you can get all the benefits of the following scanning options:


  • Advanced scanning: expert based analysis that can help you to find more kind of malware. It can be slower than normal scanning, but more effective. This is a more complete scanning mode, that uses all of the most recent scanning techniques to discover malware.


  • Heuristic scanning: based on several methods to detect not only known malware, but also new variants of them. This method uses multi-criteria analysis to determine if an app is dangerous. More precisely, it’s a scanning mode that looks for certain instructions or commands within a program that are not found in typical application programs. This scanning mode is able to detect potentially malicious functionality in new, previously unexamined, malicious functionality such as the replication mechanism of a virus, the distribution routine of a worm or the payload of a trojan;


  • Rootkit searching: based on specific searching of rootkit functions (functions used by malware to hide itself) and other stealth malware.


You can get PRO Version in two ways:

  1. directly on Google Play (Link to PRO version);
  2. as in-app purchase, downloading the FREE version (Link to FREE version) and selecting the specific menu item in the app (simplest way).



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