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Cerberus trojan has landed on Google Play

Some days ago a new threat has been discovered. And it has been discovered on Google Play. We are talking about Cerberos, a new trojan that can steal bank account information of the user.

An apparently harmless app, called “Calculadora de moneda“, with at least 10,000 downloads, contained this trojan.

After a certain period of time since the user ran this app, Cerberus activated its malicious routines, turning into a backdoor for the device and starting to receive commands from a C&C (Command and Control) server.

At this point, Cerberus replaced the home banking apps installed on the device, intercepting user names and passwords used for accessing current accounts and possibly overcoming protection mechanisms such as two-factor authentication or via SMS.

What makes Cerberus particularly insidious is the fact that this threat has managed to overcome all the protections of Google Play Protect. In fact, the “Calculatora di moneda” app was able to pass all the checks easily.

Although 10,000 downloads are a limited number, the most important problem is that other apps containing this trojan may be present on the Google Play store.

For this reason, it is recommended to follow the following general indications, for your own protection:

  • Use only certified banking apps;
  • Pay attention to the user interface of the individual banking apps, reporting to the customer service the presence of any differences, or in case of doubts;
  • Pay attention to the authorizations required by the apps;
  • Avoid giving “device administrator” authorization to apps for which the reason is not well understood;
  • As a general rule, however, use only reliable stores for downloading apps, such as Google Play (even if Google Play Protect was unable to detect the problem);
  • Last but not least, use a security app and an antivirus for your device.

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