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Block different kind of malware

Total Antivirus Defender can find and block different kind of malware (virus, worms, trojan, backdoor, spyware, and so on)


It has been developed thinking to all different types of malware currently known, for example:


  • Virus: this can be considered an historical word used to identify software that can auto-replicate and spread around devices in several ways. It usually propagates by inserting a copy of its code into another program, becoming part of it.


  • Worm: this is another kind of malware, that can use either exploit a vulnerability on a device or some kind of social engineering to trick users into executing them.


  • Trojan and Backdoor: these statements identify some kind of malware that act as a trojan-horse (do you remember the legend of Greeks and Troy?), or a door “on the back” of your device, offering to malicious users a way to access it and steal private informations (your accounts, identities, data, and so on…). They don’t auto-replicate, but they can be activated by user (for example, when installing an infected APK).


  • Spyware: this kind of malware can permit to attackers literally to “spy” you and your activities, for example, to know what are your visited sites, follow your location (taking control of your gps), get your passwords, etc.


These are just some examples of the most important kind of malware that can attack your smartphone or tablet. And the effects of a malware can be very bad! For example, SMS senders (malware that send SMS to your contacts) can be very expensive for you, because they can consume your phone credit and cause your money loss.


Total Antivirus Defender blocks all of these kind of malware. It scans both apps and files on your Android device, keeping malware away from you.


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