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A malware can use an image to attack your Android

Hello everyone, a few days ago a vulnerability was discovered on Android that allows a malware to attack a device using a simple PNG image. It seems that the problem affects all Android devices from version 7 to 9.

There are no further details (for security reasons), but Google has just released a patch, along with February security updates.

However, all out-of-date devices may be vulnerable. Therefore, there is a great risk for all obsolete devices for which the respective manufacturers do not provide updates.

PNG and JPG are the most commonly used formats on smartphones and tablets. Every day we receive (in PNG and JPG) many photos and images via email, Whatsapp, Telegram, while surfing on Twitter, Facebook and above all, Instagram.

So it is very easy to be affected by this type of threat, also because we are not used to thinking of images as a threat (as happens, for example, for APK executables).

The consequences can be many, such as the installation of malware that can spy on the user, the theft of data or the user’s identity, the use of the device’s processing capacity to undermine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and so on …

Therefore, we recommend to be careful and equip the device with updated security applications.

Among the antivirus for Android, of course, we suggest using Total Antivirus Defender (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securitydefend.totalvirusdefender). Because even with the utmost caution, some malware can escape the user’s control and infect the Android device.

Total Antivirus Defender is available as a free version on Google Play. Try it now!

Just a Screenshot of Total Antivirus Defender for Android
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